Workshop: Breakdown of previous objectives (coaching)

Bruno Delb
1 min readAug 11, 2022


When a person doesn’t achieve their goals, it often comes from the fact that the goal is not the right one or that they don’t believe in the object. Sometimes the frustration comes from the speed at which people are moving toward the goal.

This tool helps people reflect :

  • about a goal they have successfully achieved,
  • examine the key elements that made the success possible,
  • define what helped them achieve the goal.


Draw a table with the following columns:

  • Objectives met,
  • Resources used,
  • Teaching,
  • How to apply this to current objectives,
  • Action Plan.


  • Recall a goal you achieved that you were proud of. Write it in the first column of the chart.
  • Think about the details of what success looked like.
  • Think back to how you felt when the goal was achieved.
  • Identify the resources (internal, people, materials etc…) that helped you achieve this goal. Record this in the second column of the table.
  • What did you learn? Enter it in the third column of the table.
  • What worked really well?
  • What surprised you?
  • What would you do differently?
  • Was this a positive learning experience?
  • Think about how you can use these resources to achieve your current goals. Record it in the fourth column of the chart.
  • Prepare an action plan. Record it in the fifth column of the chart.


Use these learnings and these elements for other purposes.


30 minutes

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